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Homemade Protein-Packed Granola Bars

I have tried my hand at making granola bars or protein bars countless times before. While they tasted good, they were nothing like the traditional store bought bars. They either fell apart into crumbles, or were too goopy. I couldn’t get the consistency right. Until now.

Look at those beauts!

The secret to it […]

Very Berry Basil Smoothie

The inspiration for this recipe comes from… our VERY happy indoor basil plant!

Smiling? Or munching on some basil?

Do you know that basil is surprisingly delicious when mixed with fruit? I first discovered it when I used to make this orange basil smoothie by FullyRawKristina, check out her video below:


Chai Red Rice Pudding

Oatmeal is one of our go to breakfasts, with good reason. It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s healthy, especially if you add spices, fruit, and any other toppings like flax and chia seeds.

I like to mix it up with my grains though! I’ve done that in the past with millet in my Pumpkin Millet Bowl, […]

Travel Oat Jars

How convenient do these little oat cups look? You’ve seen them, right?

Perfect for on-the-go, or if you are staying over a friend’s house and don’t want to “help yourself to the poptarts,” which happened to my husband lately. 🙂

But, at over $2 for one, you can definitely make them cheaper at home […]

Strawberry Waffles with Rhubarb Compote

These waffles have a secret.

They are tinted a little pink/red, but not from the strawberries. They get a little extra bright pink hue from… beet juice!

When toasted in the waffle iron, they turned more brown than I thought they would, but it’s still a fun addition if you have beets and a […]

Black Raspberry Chia Jam

Berries, berries, berries! What a great time of year when berries are ripe off the bush! We picked strawberries from a local place a couple of weeks ago, and I had hopes of trying to make a strawberry chia jam, but we ended up eating them all, they were just too good! The owner […]

Mango Lime Creamer

How was your Mother’s Day?! I feel like I truly have the best of both worlds, having my mom around, and being a mom, myself. At the same time, I am painfully aware of how hard this is for some of my friends, who have lost their mom, a child, or miscarried. It makes […]

Spiced Pear Overnight Oats

“Busy” is an understatement lately! I think mostly because of my husband’s long hours with a long drive most days of the week. Trying to stay positive, although I sometimes get bitter that we moved here for this new job, and he is commuting at least three days a week back to where we came […]


This family has been loving oatmeal lately. We’ve had it on the stovetop, baked like a casserole, as overnight oats in jars, and just boiling some hot water and adding oats along with a bunch of toppings. I was surprised (although shouldn’t have been) when we were all out, because we bought in bulk, and […]

Healthy Pink Heart Pancakes

Do you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweet homemade breakfast treat for your sweetie or your kiddos? These pink heart pancakes are perfect!

I used the recipe for my allergy-friendly blueberry pancakes, except subbed in raspberries to make them pink/red in color, and I added an extra mashed banana to the batter […]