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Very Berry Basil Smoothie

The inspiration for this recipe comes from… our VERY happy indoor basil plant!

Smiling? Or munching on some basil?

Do you know that basil is surprisingly delicious when mixed with fruit? I first discovered it when I used to make this orange basil smoothie by FullyRawKristina, check out her video below:


Greena Pina Colada

Is there anything more refreshing than a pina colada on a hot summer day? Pina coladas from restaurants tend to be sickly sweet, and kind of tastes like sunscreen. Not exactly light and refreshing!

This smoothie is inspired by pina coladas, with the classic coconut and pineapple combo, but of course I added greens, making […]

Sweet Potato Sunrise Juice

This morning we are snowed in, and all the schools are closed! We actually didn’t get as much as expected, but it is definitely a winter wonderland out there! This calls for making your own sunshine, don’t you think?

My juicing slows down in the winter, because there just isn’t the abundance of fresh vegetables […]

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Two Ways

My mom finally tried the Pumpkin Millet bowl I posted last year around this time (and loved it). She said I needed to do another pumpkin recipe. Yes, ma’am!

With all the cold brew staring at me from the fridge, and Kevin’s plea as he walked out the door for an appointment, “If you […]

Better-Than-Starbucks Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Even with a teething babe who wakes up multiple times a night, I’m still not a coffee drinker. Never have been. So, when I actually liked this cold brew coffee I made for my husband, I knew it was a win!

Cold brew seems to have become trendy, and when I saw the price in […]

Cucumber Mint Melon Juice

There is something about cantaloupes from the Farmer’s market. I have never gotten a grocery store cantaloupe that is as sweet as one from the market! Probably because they let them ripen on the vine, then pick them and sell them within a day or two, as opposed to picking them unripe and letting them […]

Go-To Green Juice

I love drinking fresh green juice, but I have to admit it can be hard to do in the colder months. Now, that it’s hot out, and produce like cucumbers are abundant, my Juicer gets a lot more use!

I’ve been inspired lately to try out different fruits and vegetables in the juicer, and some […]

Creamy Vanilla Cashew Milk

The first non-dairy milk I ever drank was almond milk. It’s great because it’s so mainstream now, you can find it in any store! When I realized I could make my own almond milk, I was hooked! Only two ingredients to make an unsweetened almond milk, as opposed to the potentially many (7+) in popular […]

Miracle Nausea Beverage: Ginger Tea

I was sick, again, this week. For many people, getting colds and stomach bugs is the norm, just part of “winter.” For me though… very abnormal! I don’t remember being sick so many times since before I changed my diet and lifestyle. Heck, even when I was pregnant, and the immune system was down, I […]

Sweet Snowy Smoothie

I’m having fun going through and updating some old recipes. This one was originally from 2014! With all the snow we are getting hit with, I had time to do a little cooking, baking, and smoothie making today!

Even someone who isn’t a smoothie fan will enjoy this one, it is super sweet and creamy. […]