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Speedy Minestrone Stew

WOW it’s been awhile! I blame pregnancy.

Everyone who knows me in real life knows… I’m pregnant and due at the end of this month! If not, well, surprise!

The first trimester was rough, struggling with food aversions. It’s just weird to only want refined carbs. Bagels and cream cheese, cereal, crackers… and […]


This family has been loving oatmeal lately. We’ve had it on the stovetop, baked like a casserole, as overnight oats in jars, and just boiling some hot water and adding oats along with a bunch of toppings. I was surprised (although shouldn’t have been) when we were all out, because we bought in bulk, and […]

Spring Pea Pasta with Shrimp

I was watching ABC’s The Chew a week or two ago and this Pea-Mascarone Ravioli looked amazing! I just did not have the energy to make my own ravioli, but the theme of pasta with peas stuck with me for this recipe! And you may just have everything you need to make it already in […]

“Dump and Go” Taco Soup

Although I think it is healthier to eat fresh or frozen vegetables, this soup, for simplicity, uses all canned vegetables and beans (unless you add onions and/or peppers- highly recommended). It was a great recipe while we were in college. Our parents would want to stock us up with food while we were home […]

Easy Tamari Salmon and Rice

Who ISN’T looking for more quick weeknight meals?

This recipe is proof that you can make a healthy, fast, cheap, delicious meal at home!

The past couple days we were out of town, so we didn’t have much fresh produce. I was looking through the pantry to see what I could whip up. I came […]