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Mama Natural Book Review + Giveaway!

I don’t know about you, but my “natural” living tendencies really got amped up when I found out I was pregnant. It wasn’t just about me anymore! I was responsible for this amazing life growing inside me.

21 weeks pregnant in winter 2014

Healthy eating was already a priority, but even more so now. […]

What I Drank During Labor

A friend’s comment actually inspired this post! He was pondering the hospital’s policy of only allowing a woman to consume ice chips during labor… Well, pondering may be the nice way of saying it. He actually stated, “stupidest thing ever!” Can’t say I disagree. 😉

The hospital I delivered in also only allowed for ice […]

“It should never be PAINFUL”

“…but, it should never be PAINFUL.” My wonderful doula (and now friend) Laura spoke those words to me after asking how it felt when my baby girl latched on the breast for the first time. I don’t even remember the first part of the sentence, it was probably something like, “It may feel different, or […]

Miracle Nausea Beverage: Ginger Tea

I was sick, again, this week. For many people, getting colds and stomach bugs is the norm, just part of “winter.” For me though… very abnormal! I don’t remember being sick so many times since before I changed my diet and lifestyle. Heck, even when I was pregnant, and the immune system was down, I […]

Glucose test: Do I really have to drink that?

I really liked my OBGYN. They were friendly, punctual with appointments, and did pap-smears as quickly and painlessly as possible. What else could you really want from them?

Then I had a positive pregnancy test.

21 week pregnant belly, Valentine’s day weekend 2014


Make sure your provider is willing to work with you.


My Birth Plan

It was important to me to have a birth plan. Although you can’t really “plan” a birth, I wanted my preferences known ahead of time. I gave this birth plan to my midwife group and talked about it with them ahead of time, they put it in my chart. There were some things that […]

My Birth Story

Kevin and I had a cool experience this weekend. We got to share our birth story with a bunch of pregnant couples. We took a Bradley birth class, and the awesome instructor, Emily, hosts potluck dinners throughout the year where couples who have taken the class come back and tell their story. We went to […]