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Sweet Potato Black Bean Dip

I’m baaaaack, and with another black bean recipe! My last post mostly boasted about how easy and cheap beans were.

But, I didn’t talk about how insanely good for you beans are! You won’t catch me on any diet that cuts out legumes. 🙂

Check out this study: Legumes: The most important dietary predictor of […]

Spirulina Snack Balls

Buying in bulk is one of my new favorite things! I joined a lovely local group that does bulk buys and saves our family a little money. Note to self: Don’t get carried away and order bulk spirulina.

Kevin and I love trying new foods, especially “superfoods,” after we read about the benefits! Spirulina, a […]

Healthy Gelatin Jigglers

Ahh, Jello. A food people have strong opinions on, kind of like cilantro, am I right? You either love it or hate it. As for me… well, I don’t love it! I remember my parents buying it in the individual serving cups as a kid, or sometimes making it. Even back then, I didn’t love […]

Banana Macaroon Chia Pudding

Coming off Halloween weekend, most people have had more than their fair share of sugar. I know I would have, IF we bought candy. That’s right, we didn’t buy any candy for Halloween! Because our new house is out in the country, we knew we wouldn’t have any trick-or-treaters. The only neighbor close enough to […]

Go-To Green Juice

I love drinking fresh green juice, but I have to admit it can be hard to do in the colder months. Now, that it’s hot out, and produce like cucumbers are abundant, my Juicer gets a lot more use!

I’ve been inspired lately to try out different fruits and vegetables in the juicer, and some […]

Spring Pea Pasta with Shrimp

I was watching ABC’s The Chew a week or two ago and this Pea-Mascarone Ravioli looked amazing! I just did not have the energy to make my own ravioli, but the theme of pasta with peas stuck with me for this recipe! And you may just have everything you need to make it already in […]

“Dump and Go” Taco Soup

Although I think it is healthier to eat fresh or frozen vegetables, this soup, for simplicity, uses all canned vegetables and beans (unless you add onions and/or peppers- highly recommended). It was a great recipe while we were in college. Our parents would want to stock us up with food while we were home […]

Miracle Nausea Beverage: Ginger Tea

I was sick, again, this week. For many people, getting colds and stomach bugs is the norm, just part of “winter.” For me though… very abnormal! I don’t remember being sick so many times since before I changed my diet and lifestyle. Heck, even when I was pregnant, and the immune system was down, I […]

Almond Roca Candy

Ok, so, this isn’t healthy. However, I have gotten many requests for the recipe and I thought I should share on here so I can stop writing out those little recipe cards. 🙂 Although it is perfect for any time of the year, we only make it around Christmastime, and people get obsessed. It is […]

Easy Tamari Salmon and Rice

Who ISN’T looking for more quick weeknight meals?

This recipe is proof that you can make a healthy, fast, cheap, delicious meal at home!

The past couple days we were out of town, so we didn’t have much fresh produce. I was looking through the pantry to see what I could whip up. I came […]