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Hi! I'm Sarah King.

From White Coat to White Apron… because Healthy Mom Living Starts in the Kitchen!


Food is important, but what about all the products we put on our skin?  Our skin is our largest organ… so isn’t it absorbing all these chemicals I put on it from lotions, hair products, makeup?  Slowly I started researching this too and reducing and replacing everything I was putting on my body. I even partnered with a company distributing naturally based haircare!  And what about the water we drink?  The air we breathe?  The medications we take?

The last one struck a chord with me.  I went to pharmacy school, I have a doctorate in pharmacy, I am a pharmacist.   I see how food helped me become healthy, NOT prescription drugs.  So then "Pharmer Sarah" was born to help all of us be healthy moms! 

healthy mom
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healthy mom
healthy mom
healthy mom
healthy mom
healthy mom


Hear What Others Healthy Moms Have to Say


At 52 I finally found healthy products that deliver the results I had always hoped for. I no longer have balding or a receding hair line and my hair has never been healthier. I started out as a VIP customer and loved how my products made such an impact on me and my family. I soon took interest to upgrade to the business, so I could help people and make a difference. Working alongside Sarah is a pleasure!

Tena R


I used to spend hours every week blow drying my hair and piling on so much product that my hair didn’t even move. Even with all that effort a few hours later it was still a frizzy mess. Now my hair is hydrated, healthy and I can air dry my curls giving me more time in my day and better still more confidence! Thank you Sarah for introducing me to these products!

Lindsay G


Our MOMLETA Moms are always looking for healthy, clean and delicious recipes for themselves and their families. I'm so glad Sarah is part of our community. I trust her opinion about healthier products and I find myself sharing her recipes often on our Facebook page!

Kate J

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