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Since switching my haircare to naturally based, vegan, anti aging, healthy beauty products (that actually PERFORM!), my hair has transformed for the better!  

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healthy beauty products

Look at the picture on the left. It was my wedding day and everything about my hair *should* be better in that photo.  Salon products, a professional spent a ton of time on my hair, professional photographer as well. But it’s dull, tangled, and the curls fell out.


Fast forward to now (picture on the right).  A little over two years using these healthy beauty products and my hair is shiny, vibrant, and those bouncy curls lasted for days! (And that was a car selfie, and I’m DEFINITELY not a hair stylist!!)

It’s also done wonders for growth after my postpartum hair loss.  

healthy beauty products
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When the same company that changed my hair came out with skincare, I was skeptical but of course wanted to give it a shot!  Now, I can’t deny the results. From my under-eye bags, to my smaller pores, to my less noticeable forehead lines… this is by far the best skin care I’ve ever used. And the ingredients are so clean!  No wonder it’s been featured in Vogue, Allure, a ton of beauty blogs and has won several awards for the best advances in skincare technology in the past year. If forced to choose a favorite I'd go with the Bakuchiol serum… a plant based vegan retinol alternative with no harsh side effects. 100% of people in the clinical trial noticed improved skin elasticity, a reduction in age spots, and smoother complexion.  The science loving part of me even found a study in the British Journal of Dermatology, that found it to work as well as a retinol to address signs of aging and was less irritating. Yes please!

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If I had to pick just one product I couldn't live without, it would be the rejuveniqe oil!  The oil gets the credit for helping heal my hair from the inside out.  

It’s the crown jewel of hair oils, it actually penetrates all three layers of the hair strand. And everyone needs it! 

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I’ve tried a LOT of greens powders and most of them are still in my pantry but this one we’ve reordered several times, it’s so delicious! Yes, I said greens + delicious in the same sentence, ha!

Besides the peace of mind knowing I’m getting a ton of extra nutrients in, I notice a huge difference in my energy and mood. And what mom doesn’t need that??

I would love to chat more about your specific hair/skincare needs!

Contact me for a private one on one chat. 


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